Sandy: A storm like no one has ever seen

Hurricane Sandy smashes into the coast

Batten Down the Hatches...


Sandy will pound us with near hurricane force winds and historic flooding along the southern shore of Lake Erie. This is a storm like no one alive has ever seen and a definite ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT.

Expect a wet day with showers east of I-75, to the west only a few spotty showers. Highs get into the mid and upper 40s. The real story is the wind that will build Monday with gusts to over 50 MPH this afternoon. Be sure to bring in all outdoor furniture, outdoor grills, garbage cans, etc... and don't leave your car parked under trees as the winds may reach hurricane force once you go to bed this evening.

Monday night, expect more showers to overspread the region. The winds build as Sandy finally makes landfall as a CAT II hurricane along the New Jersey coast. Winds at the coast will likely top 90 mph - but winds here will build. Expect sustained winds of 30-45 mph WITH GUSTS TO 70 MPH--nearly hurricane strength.

Tuesday - expect more of the same with sustained winds of 35-45 mph and gusts to 70 mph. This is historic and the impact will be especially severe along the southern shore of Lake Erie, Maumee Bay, and especially the bay which Port Clinton faces will see their own storm surge of 3 to 5 feet with punishing waves of 15 to 20 feet. Coastal flooding will be dramatic, severe, historic, and unprecedented. Be safe!

This is a long duration event and we will likely see power outages so be prepared for that too. The winds should begin to relax once we get into Wednesday afternoon and night.


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