Sandy batters beaches in Vermilion, Ohio

The Midwest not immune to the effects of this Superstorm. And with the high winds, there is a potential for a lot of damage.

Main Street Beach in Vermilion was pounded Tuesday. Waved crashing into the break wall sent water sprays 20 feet into the air.

"I didn't expect it this far away. And I've never seen waves like this. The lake is turned upside down here," said one man. His dental office was closed due to loss of power.

A plant worker out of Westlake was also without power.

Plant worker Skip Halliwell says, "Our plant in Westlake shut down last night at about 8pm. Then they cancelled all three shifts after that... I'm running a generator in my house right now. I don't have any power either."

Many had to come down to the beach to witness the power of this storm first hand.

"Sounded like it was going to be the "Frankenstorm" they were calling for. Turns out it's gonna live up to its reputation, looks like," said the Dentist.

Extreme wind made extended exposure on the beach impossible. Folks came to see, and left in a hurry soon after.

Homes on the canal in Vermilion were in serious risk of flooding. The water line just about a foot below the flood barrier.

Downed trees left businesses out of power in the small town. Canopies were being ripped off one after the other.

Ohio Edison crews are already hard at work.

"We have roads that are closed in our township. We're waiting on Ohio Edison to move the power lines to open them up. And nobody knows when that's gonna be," says Skip.

Toledo Edison told WNWO that crews are working tirelessly to get the power back on.