Sandy Hook victims' tribute in Toledo vandalized

The wreath and names of the victims were both taken down by vandals.

A Toledo man wants answers after the memorial he created to honor the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting was torn down this week.

Larry Ocheske, and his wife Susan, added a wreath with the names of all 26 Newtown victims to their existing memorial honoring the missing Skelton brothers from Morenci.

On Thursday, Ocheske went to check on his creation and found it vandalized.

â??I was just heartbroken. Why would someone do that to these little boys and girls? Itâ??s a sad day for Toledo,â?? Ocheske said.

For the last three years, Ocheske has cleaned and maintained the tribute located in the Old Amtrak Village near the intersection of Logan and Emerald.

Originally it was meant to honor Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton that were last seen in Morenci on Thanksgiving in 2010.

This past holiday season, â??I thought it wasnâ??t right just to do the Morenci boys,â?? Ocheske told WNWO.

So, Ocheske added the Sandy Hook tribute using his own time and money.

If you know what happened to the tribute you are asked to call Toledo Police.