Sandy: Weaker, but still in control

All advisories, watches and warnings have been allowed to expire as the remnants of what is still a HUGE Sandy continue to spin over western Pennsylvania. While the strong winds have diminished to mainly breezes with occasional gusts of moderate strength, Sandy will continue to feed us damp, chilly air out of the north and keep high temps well below where we should be on Halloween.

Under mostly cloudy skies with northwest winds of 10 -20 mph and occasional showers, we'll see highs in the mid 40s.

Expect some spotty showers overnight with lows in the mid 30s. Sandy begins to lift into Canada Thursday and we'll finally see gradual clearing as we get into the afternoon hours. Highs get into the upper 40s.

Right now the weekend forecast doesn't look too bad with sunshine becoming plentiful on Friday and Saturday and highs near 50. On Sunday, we'll see increasing cloudiness as we move through the day--resulting in scattered showers developing late.

Wait until that sunshine returns to get out in the yard and gather those fallen branches/limbs as "stuff" will likely still be coming down today.

Happy Halloween! Most of us should be dry early this evening for Tricks and Treats! Not that a spotty shower or two couldn't rotate through, but the real issue for tonight will be the chill, so bundle up.