Santa busted for back taxes

Algimantas Bartkevicius wears a Santa suit like this one and says he doesn't get paid for his good deeds.

Expect to see eight reindeer parked outside a Lithuanian court house, because Saint Nicholas got busted.

According to Euronews, the Lithuanian government believes Algimantas Bartkevicius has played Santa Claus for more than 30 years. He goes to children's hospitals and orphanages and entertains thousands of kids throughout the year.

Bartkevicius says he doesn't accept money for his deeds, but the Lithuanian government has charged him taxes for the work he has done as Saint Nick. Bartkevicius is demanding that the government return the money taken from his social security account.

Bartkevicius says if he wins, he'll open a Santa Claus center and invite children to come year round.

Do you think Santa should get the money back or a lump of coal? Either way I hope Christmas isn't canceled....