Scandal rocks Sandusky County jail

Sandusky County Jail

Three deputies have been placed on paid leave at the Sandusky County jail and an investigation into sexually oriented misbehavior at the jail is underway. A former inmate at the jail alleges deputies allowed her to remain naked in her cell through an entire shift and asked her to peform sex acts.

According to the Sandusky Register, those three deputies are Frank Kaiser, Charlie Pump, and Joshua Smith.

An investigation undertaken by the Fremont Police Department of three corrections officers was conducted at the request of Sheriff Kyle Overmyer, according to the Sandusky Register. Sgt. Dean Bliss investigated the allegations.

In the alleged victim's written statement, she states that she's mentally ill and was "off her meds," for at least 19 hours when she was placed in the jail cell in a suicide gown. At some point that afternoon, during what deputies called a very busy day, she removed that gown, placed it in the toilet, and flooded her cell.

Later, according to witnesses, she began performing sex acts on herself. The victim alleges that at least one deputy encouraged her to continue after he discovered her behavior.

The shift supervisor who took over for the afternoon shift deputies overheard a few of the deputies making lude remarks about the woman and her behavior. He characterized their behavior as "obnoxious," in a memo to jail administrator, Major Thomas Fligor, Captain Matthew Bender stated that, in his opinion, the behavior of the deputies was "totally ridiculous," and "unprofessional."

According to Capt. Bender's report, at least one female deputy protested her fellow corrections officers' actions, but was told by one of the offenders, "I'm a man."

In interviews conducted by Sgt. Bliss, the deputies admit that they made some jokes about the woman's behavior, but did not encourage her to engage in sexual activity.

Sgt. Bliss concludes his report by saying that there was no direct evidence that any of the deputies had encouraged the alleged victim to peform sexual acts. He did remark that the three deputies in question had described the woman's behavior to fellow deputies who, "did not want to hear graphic details of the evening." He noted that it was not in dispute that the woman remained naked in her cell throughout the afternoon shift of January 12, and that her cell was, "trashed."

Sgt. Bliss concluded his report by recommending that one deputy be administered a polygraph examination to ascertain whether or not he asked the woman to perform sexual acts. This same deputy is alleged to have said that the victim could tell people whatever she wanted because no one would believe her. Sgt Bliss found this claim to be, "troubling."

The alleged victim is being evaluated at a Toledo area facility.

Sandusky County Prosecutor, Tom Stierwalt, says the investigation is not yet complete. The alleged victim has yet to be interviewed and there may be more interviews conducted with jail personnel. "When that's done, I expect I'll get the report for review." Stierwalt said.

Calls to Sheriff Overmyer were not returned.

You can view the report in its entirety at the Sandusky Register website. WARNING: The language and nature of the report are graphic and contains language that may be offensive to some readers.

If true, how do these allegations make you feel about the conduct of those who are supposed to keep our jails safe? Should they face criminal charges?