School and cyber security measures discussed at Sylvania Southview

Sylvania Schools are updating school and student safety measures, both in the classroom and in the cyber world.

Increased use of electronics and social media were up for discussion at Sylvania Southview High School on Tuesday night. City of Sylvania Police officers and school administrators addressed electronics safety and offered tips to parents on how to limit device use.

They recommended keeping cell phone and computer contracts with children and maintaining a close eye on devices such as gaming systems and iPods.

City of Sylvania Police Division "Cyber Parenting"

In addition to safety within the cyber world, administrators also discussed safety within the school building.

Southview principal David McMurray emphasized keeping communication open in real-time during the event of an emergency.

"Information is key," said McMurray. "Making sure people know what's going on, and then they can make the decision that's best for the students in making them safe."

McMurray says part of the new system involves training students and staff to make decisions such as evacuating the building or barricading classrooms in the event of an emergency. He says they've already run several tests of the new system, and are open to suggestions on how to improve safety procedures.