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      School board officially closes school

      I t's now official , t he Bedford School Board voted Thursday night to close Temperance Road Elementary School.

      I t's a decision that's tough, especially for some parents, "you can't believe how the teachers are, they are amazing. they've had exceptional success with one of my daughters who has troubles," explained temperance road parent Lisa Jones.

      I n a presentation , interim superintendent Jon White explained a declining school enrollment, plus severe cuts for the state forced the tough decision.

      D istrict leaders explained temperance road was closing because of lack of space and compared to the other schools in the district.

      what's clear is the 347 students at temperance road will be divided among the other schools.

      B ut there's another question, what about the teachers? D istrict leaders have said there will be layoffs , but couldn't say how many.

      I n the districts five year deficit elimination plan , they're projecting to get back into the black by the 2017 fiscal year.

      To view the district's financial plan, click on the link, http://www.bedford.k12.mi.us/index.html.