School Board President in hot water after verbal altercation with autistic man

Source: Facebook

Oregon City School's Board President, P.J. Kapfhammer, is under fire after verbal confrontation with an autistic man lead to a police report being filed.

Kapfhammer confirmed to WNWO, Tuesday night that he did raise his voice to the man while trying to find out what he was doing in the weight room in Clay High Schoolâ??s gym.

"I didn't know he was autistic at all. I wanted to know why he was there and when I approached him, he wouldn't look at us," Kapfhammer said.

The School Board President was in the weight room, on Friday, working out with one of the school's coaches.

Kapfhammer says when he couldn't find anyone who recognized the man, now identified as honorary manager of the Clay High baseball team, he approached the man to make sure he was authorized to be there.

"There was a wrestling tournament going on outside [the weight room] and there were like 300 people in the gym," Kapfhammer recalled. â??I just wanted to make sure he didn't walk in off the street."

The man's parents, however, have filed a police complaint on behalf of their 25-year-old autistic son alleging Kapfhammer's behavior crossed the line.

"I understand why the mother is mad...but I will do everything in my power to work this out with the family...In hindsight I feel awful," Kapfhammer said.

Kapfhammer is no stranger to controversy and was the target of an anonymous flyer sent out during his 2011 school board election campaign that revealed his past criminal history.

WNWO asked him if he thought his past might have anything to do with these new allegations and he said "there are people who canâ??t wait for me to fail".

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