School district holds forum on school safety

School shooting tragedies like Sandy Hook, and others propelled these people to pack a room at Clay High School in Oregon.

Experts including Oregon police officers used examples of past tragedies to make their point to parents, "I think they need to really do something that needs to be done if someone does get in. I mean telling a man with a gun to stop isn't really going to work," explains Sarah Pawlaczyk, mother of a five year old.

Other tools like, Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuation or ALICE were also brought up as effective ways for protection. But security measure were brought up by some parents, "last week, Joe's Pizza shows up knocks on the back door, opens the door and comes the pizza, I don't see where the security's at, if you have an accomplice in the school, you're going around a whole system," said a parent asking a question to school leaders.

School leaders told the crowd they have 2 school resource officers and one DARE officer that monitor the schools and they can't be everywhere.

Some in the crowd suggested arming staff with guns, not everybody is buying into that, "I'm a little bit for it, but not for me personally or some of our teachers. That's not what we went to school to do," says Jill Duwve, a school nurse and parent.

"Whenever you introduce guns into any type of environment whether it be a household or a factory, a hospital, or in this case, we're talking about school, there will undoubtedly be unintended consequences," explains Oregon Police Chief Michael Navarre.

School leaders add they have 170 cameras, locked doors, and perform drills to add to the security.