School report card shows some districts need improvement


he report card for
Ohio's school districts are out and it's a mixed bag. Some are passing, while others are failing.


ne of those districts that's failing is
Toledo. In the latest information from the State Department of Education, the district has slipped from continuous improvement in the last school year, to being on academic watch.



ictory comes when we're an excellent rated school district, and obviously we've got a ways to go to get there



explains Toledo Public School Superintendent Dr. Jerome Pecko.


or the 2011

- 2012 school year, the district was placed on academic watch. That's a drop from the 2010 - 2011 school year when the district was rated as continuous improvement. So what happened? "We actually changed the location of schools for 4,000 students. We had approximately over 400 teachers who were teaching in new assignments that they weren't expecting to be teaching in," explains Pecko.


hose changes

, plus a school attendance tampering scandal have been distractions for the district. "First of all, we no longer do what was scrutinized by the auditors and that report card that was released does not have that method of reporting data that we were using before," says Pecko.


ocally others districts faired much better like
Perrysburg and Springfield Township with the highest rating a district can get, excellent with distinction. and bowling green achieved an excellent rating.


here are bright spots for the


Public School District.


ome include schools like
Toledo Technical Academy, Toledo Early College High School and Martin Luther King Academy for Boys Elementary School. All scored an excellent rating.

To find out how your district performed, visit the Ohio Department of Education website here,