Scott High School parents wanted faster notification of ''Active Shooter''

<font size="2">The incident was resolved without injury.</font>

When Scott High School went into lockdown after reports of a student with a gun, parents received cell phone calls from their frightened children.

"She called and said that the staff and teachers was panicking, and she's scared, and she just wants to come home," says Brenda Smart, a parent of a Scott High School student.

She says the call should have come from school administration.

"My daughter called me. No calls from the school officials or anything," says Brenda.

But when the dust settled, TPS Superintendent Romules Durant says the situation was handled according to training.

"The Scott staff, along with our own internal officers, as well as TPD, responded perfectly as regards to how to come on to the scene, and resolve a scene," Durant said.

Durant said parents were not immediately notified, because the school was following procedure.

"There's a responsibility of us as a school system, to make sure that the premises is secured by the officers, so we're not bringing family members into an unsafe environment," said Durant.

He said that Toledo Police instructed them to wait about 45 minutes before notification went out, and they also had to make sure their facts were straight to avoid speculation, and alarm.

Durant said that a text message did go out, however, by that time, the word had already spread through the community about an active shooter in the school.

The news brought a flood of concerned parents to the scene.

Though many parents expressed their frustration about the situation, there were reported incidents involving any parents.

"Our parents and community members did a phenomenal job. Even TPD commended them on how well reserved and calm they were," said Durant.

He says the level of calm helped information move smoothly, and helped to avoid panic.

The incident was resolved without injury.

Officials said teen suspect had brought a pellet gun to school. He remains in juvenile jail for a Dec. 18 court date.