Scott High School student delinquent on charges for school lockdown

The student had isolated himself in a classroom for more than three hours

A Scott High School student who triggered a police stand-off and a school lockdown earlier this month has been found delinquent on all misdemeanor and felony charges.

The 14-year-old male student made a court appearance Wednesday morning in Lucas County Juvenile Court. The teen was found delinquent on first-degree misdemeanor charges of inducing panic and possession of an object indistinguishable from a firearm.

The court also found the teen delinquent on a fifth-degree felony charge of an illegal conveyance of a weapon at school.

Officials from the Assistant Lucas County Prosecutor's Office said charges would have been different if the teen had taken out the weapon, waved it around, and pointed it at any one. Instead, the teen brought a pellet gun in his backpack and showed it in class, prompting an alert to Toledo Police.

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Toledo Police negotiators took the student into custody after he had isolated himself in a classroom for more than three hours.

Students were returning to school from the Thanksgiving holiday when the Monday lockdown took place.

He is being held in juvenile detention until a Jan. 16 disposition.

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