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      Scrabble player asks for strip search at Championship

      Were did my 'G' go? / la vie de rose

      Is that a ~G TM in your pocket? The World Scrabble Championship takes the word game pretty seriously, and when a tile goes missing, they'll do just about anything to find it.

      England's Ed Martin was accused of hiding a letter 'G' during a match. A Thai player wanted him to be taken to a restroom so he could be strip searched, authorities refused.

      Mr. Martin won the match in Warsaw, and no evidence was found to prove the Thai player's allegation. . .

      "Omnified" was the winning word at the world championship, and New Zealand player Nigel Richards took home the trophy and $20,000 prize. It was his second time winning the championship, the only person to ever to do that.

      116 competitors from 44 countries participated in the five-day tournament held in Warsaw, Poland. The championship is been held every other year according to the official World Scrabble Championship website.

      For more information go to http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2050089/Scrabble-strip-demanded-letter-G-goes-missing-world-championships.html