Search for Elaina: 10 days, few clues

Elaina Steinfurth, 18 months, went missing on June 2.

Tuesday marks ten days since 18-month-old Elaina Steinfurth went missing from an East Toledo home where her mother was staying with an ex-boyfriend. Despite police and community search party efforts, few clues have turned up.

After receiving a tip last week, authorities searched the Maumee River for evidence. Elainaâ??s mother, Angela Steinfurth, reported finding a diaper that matched her daughterâ??s brand near the river. Other evidence was taken, but police havenâ??t disclosed what leads they are following.

Search parties canvassed Toledoâ??s east side over the weekend, checking Navarre and Pearson Park, as well as the Marina District, but they didn't find any new leads.

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â??I need all the support that I can get to bring her home,â?? Angela told WNWO last week when asked about the communityâ??s efforts to help find Elaina. â??Anything to keep me comfortable and from losing my mind.â??

Julie King, who owns the home where Elaina was last seen, told WNWO that she cries every night thinking about the safety of the baby. She said her son, Steve, was dating Angela until recently, but the two broke up because of â??the way she treated her children.â??

Police say Steve was present when Elaina went missing, but Julie maintains her son has no involvement in the disappearance.

Officials have questioned Steve extensively and gave him a polygraph stress test. Angela and Elainaâ??s father, who police say was on his way to pick the child up on the day she went missing, have also been questioned.

â??In law enforcement, weâ??re going to follow up on the leads and the people that we think have been in the most contact with this child, and obviously, the mom and the boyfriend were living with the child there so they are going to be the two people that could provide us with some of the most information about what happened,â?? Sgt. Joe Heffernan told WNWO last week. â??Weâ??re going to actively continue to see if we can get a resolution. Hopefully a positive resolution.â??

Anyone with information that could lead to finding Elaina is urged to contact Crime Stopper at (419)-255-1111.