Search resumes for missing Lake Erie boaters

<font size="2">The Ohio Division of Natural Resources re-launched the search for Bryan Huff and Andrew Rose on Sunday.</font>

The search for two missing boaters on Lake Erie resumed Sunday, after strong winds and high waves suspended efforts a day earlier.

The Ohio Division of Natural Resources re-launched the search for Bryan Huff and Andrew Rose. Both men went missing after officials received a report of a missing 21-foot bass fishing boat with four people on board around 2 a.m. On Thursday, the bodies of 33-year-old Amy Santus and 17-year-old Paige Widmer were discovered near Toussaint Reef, along with the partially submerged boat they were in, but no sign of Huff and Rose.

â??The two male victims were probably without life jackets and thatâ??s why we havenâ??t been able to locate them because theyâ??ve actually sunk,â?? said ODNR Div. of Watercraft Chief Gary Obermiller.

The Div. of Watercraft is using two boats, from Toledo and Sandusky, to conduct a grid-pattern search using sidescan sonar. Authorities hope the technology will help locate the missing boaters. As the search drags on, cadaver dogs may soon be used to assist in the effort.

â??Weâ??ve been starting first thing in the morning and concluding right around six oâ??clock at night,â?? said Obermiller. He continued, â??Weâ??re doing our best to provide closure for the family and bring those two gentlemen home.â??

Authorities are also hopeful the added presence of fisherman and other boats cruising Lake Erie will help locate the two men. Boaters are encouraged to report anything that looks unusual in the water.