Second case of stranger danger in West Toledo


nother case of stranger danger

, this time in West Toledo. For the second time in a week, someone tried to lure a young person into a car.


he student is a boy in the 8th grade at
Deveaux middle school. Toledo Public School officials say the incident happened Wednesday morning before 9:00 am as the student was walking to school.


hat young man described to school officials the suspect as a white man with a short stocky build with black hair

, driving a white suburban. You may remember just last week we told you about the attempted luring of a 15 year old girl also in West Toledo.


hat case and the one that happened today are not related

, but with both incidents so close together, what is the school district doing to keep parents alert? "We're using our on call system which calls the parents and lets them know we've had a couple of incidents in the last week and we encourage the parents to really educate their children in regards to if they have to walk to school, walk in groups," explains Brian Murphy with Toledo Public Schools.


urphy also said the district is working with
Toledo Police to beef up patrols and have more people outside of the schools to keep an eye on children as they walk to school.