Secor road work hurting some businesses


f you travel on or near
Secor Road you know it's a traffic nightmare. But, it's also a nightmare for business owners.


onstruction to repave a section of one of
Toledo's major roads started in March, but as Charmaine Bassett-Trimm feared, the work is digging in to her profits, "probably laid off 5 or 6 people, cut back on hours. We're losing thousands of dollars a day," explains Bassett-Trimm, owner of Anyana-Kai, an herbal and spa therapy business.


thers businesses are doing worse.
Closed signs and empty stores aren't hard to find.



f we've already lost that much, and this is just the beginning, people get fed up at some point



adds Bassett-Trimm.

The news isn't much better for other business owners. Rebecca Cowan co-owns The Original Pancake House, " a customer said to me, it took about 25 minutes where it normally would take just 5 minutes to get here and they almost got discouraged but they wanted the meatballs," says Cowan.

Cowan says typically on a


riday night the restaurant is packed.

After construction started, it's nearly empty.

Cowan says n

o workers have been laid off

, but their hours have been cut as well as other sacrifices, "my husband and I had to work a little bit more ourselves in the past, even though we work fulltime, we have to. My husband has to cook a little bit more. I have to hostess a little bit more," adds Cowan.


ot everyone is struggling.
Employees at Tan Pro say business is still hot, "after 5, all the entrances open back up so people start coming back in more," says employee Laura Duran.

More people coming back is

what other business owners are hoping happens very soon

, "if you have no business, you have to send somebody home, and that's just in a month. I can't see what will happen if it continues," explains Cowan.


oad work is slated to last until
November and some shop owners are just hoping they'll still be in business.




ai, the herbal and spa therapy business
Charmaine Bassett-Trimm owns will hold an "Almost 50" event to recognize nearly 50 years the business has been operating. Trimm says the point of the event will be to draw a larger crowd to off set any loses from the construction.