Security top priority at Marathon Classic

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Marathon Classic is back in action and effective security is a top priority.


tarting at the gate


officials will be checking for several prohibited items and enforcing safety rules.


obile devices are allowed but you cannot use them to take photos or vide

o. They

must be silenced.


t the end of the day, security officials just want everyone to have a great, but safe time


Please observe the following rules for a fun and safe time at this yearâ??s Marathon Classic:

  • Please obey marshals.

  • Stay behind the ropes

  • Do not talk during playing of a shot

  • Do not distract a player in any way.

  • Cameras are allowed on Monday â?? Wednesday

  • Cameras are not allowed Thursday - Sunday

  • Please move in an orderly manner; do not run.

  • Do not leave green until players have holed out.

  • Show consideration to your fellow spectators

  • Please kneel if you are in front of a large gallery.

  • Please use the litter baskets at all times.

  • Always carry a course map.

  • Cellular phones are permitted, however they must be silenced and cannot be used as a camera

  • Dogs, radios, coolers and signs are not permitted.

  • Display your admission pass at all times.

  • Camp stools are permitted,

  • No folding chairs are allowed.

  • In hot weather, drink plenty of liquids to keep hydrated.

  • All bags will be inspected upon entry. Items larger than a purse are subject to a second search prior to entering grandstands.