Sen. Brown speaks with UAW Local 14

UAW Local 14 (WNWO/ Marcus Espinoza)

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) made a stop in the Glass City on Wednesday.

The senator said he made the trip to hear from Ohio workers about their thoughts and concerns regarding NAFTA.

President Trump said repeatedly during his campaign that NAFTA was a "total disaster" and wants to renegotiate the deal.

Sen. Brown agrees with Trump on premise he says, but has not yet seen the action he's hoped for.

"I want to work with him on renegotiating NAFTA, he's put out something but he's not put out the details we need yet," said Sen. Brown.

UAW Local 14 president Ray Wood said Sen. Brown speaks for the manufacturing workers in the city.

"The community needs to know that he supports us, that he works for us, he fights tirelessly on our behalf," said Wood.

Sen. Brown says he's worked much of his life for fair trade agreements.

"The president made a lot of promises on trade, people like Marcy Kaptur and I have been working against bad trade agreements for 25 years starting against NAFTA," said Sen. Brown.

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