Senate amends measure to grant more snow days to Ohio school districts

<p> <font size="2">After passing through the House, a plan to give Ohio school districts additional calamity days, after the harsh winter, has been amended by the Senate.</font> </p>

After passing through the House, a plan to give Ohio school districts additional calamity days has been amended by the Senate.

The Ohio Senate is expected to consider a proposal to let schools take up to four additional calamity days this year, if they first use their five contingency days.

A Senate panel amended the bill Wednesday to require districts to first use the contingency days built into their schedules before getting any extra days that they would not have to make up. That's a change from the plan passed by the House on February 19 that would forgive up to four additional days off this year for school districts, because of the winter season's extreme weather. Teachers would be required to report on two of those days for professional development.

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Snow and frigid temperatures has led many districts across Ohio to exhaust their five allowable calamity days. Some have cancelled classes for 10 or more days.


High school seniors could skip make-up days under Ohio bill

In January, Gov. Kasich urged the Ohio General Assembly and the Ohio Department of Education to work together on legislation that would provide a one-time increase in the number of days school districts can take off due to snow or inclement weather.

The Senate-changed bill also would let districts make up the time by lengthening school days by 30-minute increments. The bill would excuse high school seniors from makeup days that occur after their scheduled graduation ceremonies.

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