Senator: Ohio deserves space shuttle, not NYC

Enterprise was the first space shuttle built for NASA. / Jersey JJ (Flickr)

Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown wants NASA to give a retired space shuttle originally awarded to a New York City museum to the Dayton Air Force museum instead.

In a public letter, Brown urged NASA chief Charles Bolden to reconsider housing the Enterprise shuttle at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum since the institution might change its plans.

Officials close to the plans told WNYC that the Intrepid wants to build a new museum based around the shuttle, a move Sen. Brown calls a "bait and switch."

"I am amazed and disappointed that you would choose to proceed with your original decision given the serious flaws in the selection process and New York TMs recent decisions regarding their shuttle site," Brown wrote.

Other Ohioans are getting involved in the effort to bring the Enterprise to the Buckeye State, including John Cavanaugh, a small business owner from Columbus who started a petition to the White House.

"For the folks that were not selected, to see that one place that did get selected, which has a very tenuous relationship with the shuttle program if any, it's just very disheartening, Cavanaugh told WNYC, listing Ohioan astronauts John Glenn and Neil Armstrong as reasons the shuttle's final landing point should be in Dayton.

Does the Intrepid museum's change of plans warrant a new home for the Enterprise? Did Ohio deserve the shuttle more? Weigh in below and on our Facebook page.

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