Seneca County courthouse starts coming down

The Seneca county courthouse finally had a date with the wreaking ball. But to a number of residents, its wasn't easy to watch.

It's a very sad day for the county and Tiffin OH says Gary Dundore. "They could have renovated, but they chose not too. But things must go forward. But it's a shame, I don't know I just can't describe it sometimes."

It's a sad situation, I mean there is a lot of feelings that are going on says Tonia Hoffert, Director of the Seneca County Museum. "Some people don't care. The historians do. Theres a lot of things in there I would like to preserve for the next generation. Even though the building isn't going to be there. We save what we can."

And save what they can... they did. As a time capsule protecting and preserving over a hundred years of history was found. Even though it was a rough ride down for the capsule.

Tonia Hoffert says "When they brought it down it tumbled. It was bent up pretty good inside and the lid had come off. So it was in pretty bad shape before we got to open it up."

Tonia and her staff at the Seneca County Museum where exited to find books, almanacs, county history and something also amazing that survived the rough trip.

"One of the most unique pieces was the gold coin, there is a fold dollar in there from 1865. & We have a gold coin in there from 1884. When it was built." Says Tonia

With crushing blows that a demolition brings a building, including a the tumble the capsule took. There is no surprise that some historic items took a bad hit. While others suprisingly stayed in tack.

"The one book was pretty beat up, but the other than that everything else is in good condition. The paper work was in very good condition." Says Tonia

With the court house gone, the memories will live on at the Seneca County Museum.

"we brought stuff over here says Tonia, we have cabinets here in the war room which we are using now to display items. "

Even with the historic items that where saved in the demolition. It still doesn't come easy for most Tiffin and Seneca county residents to see this piece of history now just a memory. Espeically for Gary Dundore.

William Harvey Gibson made a speech. It was going to be for many generations of the future.