Seneca County Museum hosts town halls for community

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TIFFIN, OH (WNWO) - The Seneca County Museum is holding town hall meetings tomorrow and Thursday in regards to a recent grant they have received. Now, they’re hope the community will join them to discuss the future of the institution.

When they applied for the grant, they shared that they wanted to receive community feedback in multiple areas. And one of their biggest questions is, "what types of content does the community want to see?”

The $3,000 grant is coming from the Ohio History Connection, which should be a huge help since the Seneca County Museum is currently run on donations.

“The Museum is vital, it’s important, it’s high ranking for us, " explained Seneca County Commissioner, Holly Stacy. "In the same sense, we can’t do it without the community’s backing and support of being engaged and telling us what they want to see.”

The museum is a great way to introduce new arrivals, such as Matthew Heindel, to the local history of their new home.

Heindel said, “I’ld be curious about the history of the town AND EVERYTHING. How it got founded, what the reason was for it being founded? What was the means of commerce? I don’t know if they were a railroad town or a boat town.”

It also has become a local staple for lifetime residents, such as Curtis King, who recalls visiting the first time in fourth grade.

King recalled, “I think there was a big bear there, because at one time Seneca County had some brown bears. As a fourth grader, that’s what made an impression.”

And what content currently interests King, who is an avid musician?

“Sometime, when I was in my mid-fourties, I went back to the museum to check out the musical collection,” he recalled.

King was impressed with the array of instruments, especially the large harp, however he does have a suggestion:

“I think what’s there is pretty well preserved, I think it would be cool if – and again it all depends on funding, but you go ahead and get thing rebuilt and back up and restored so it’s operable. I mean a harp is a really cool instrument, but its not cool if it doesn’t work.”

If you have any ideas and request for the museum, the meetings will be held at 9 AM and again at 1 PM at the Tiffin YMCA. A third will be on Thursday at 7 PM in the Tiffin Library.

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