Sequester to cost Lucas Co. Health Dept. over $500,000

Mandatory cuts in the federal budget could lead to a decrease in funding to the Lucas County Health Department of more than $500,000. Commissioner Dr. David Grossman explains that the cuts will affect 14 programs at a total value of $550,902. "Some of them however are targeted to specific programs, so if WIC(Women, Infants, Children) gets a $200,000 cut we have to cut $200,000 from what we give and our personnel," Dr. Grossman said.

Here is a partial list of programs and the mount of money they stand to lose in the sequester.

Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program: $198,400

Child and Family Health Services: $33,614

WIC: $177,480

Dental Clinic: $12,120

Personal Responsibility Education Program: $14,400

Tobacco Prevention: $4,160

Immunization Action Plan: $12,414

These figures represent an 8% cut in funding from the federal government.