Serial stabbing victim Tony Leno, moving forward with life

For Tony Leno, the night he almost died serves as a reminder of how much he wanted live. These days life has gotten back to normal with a few good twists. On May 21st, he TMs getting married to his longtime love. These days you can even find him back working full time at the Collingwood Presbyterian Church.

Back in August Leno was taking a smoke break when a man pulled up to the ally beside the church asking for directions. When he leaned in to point the man in the right direction, Leno was stabbed. Life can be not the way you've been living it in a minute notice it can be taken from you, said Leno.

According to police, 33-year-old Elias Abuelazam is the man responsible for Leno TMs attack. Abuelazam is currently awaiting trail in Michigan for three murders and six other assaults related to his multi-state stabbing spree. According to authorizes, suspect Abuelazam is also allegedly responsible for more than a dozen stabbings related to his crime spree.

Tony considers himself lucky to have survived the attack but often thinks of the five other victims whose families will never see them again. It TMs something I think about in some phase every day.

Since the incident, Leno has been focused on his recovery. He TMs also been doing some motivational speaking around town as he waits for his day in court.

Leno said he plans on making a statement before to court to Abuelazam.