Several 'persons of interest' in Monroe car bombing case

September 20, 2011 car bombing in Monroe / Courtesy: Monroe Evening News

New developments in a car bombing that left a Toledo-area attorney and his two sons injured.

Toledo Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agent Donald Dawkins just wrapped up an update on the investigation into the September 20, 2011 car bombing in Monroe. Dawkins says they have several persons of interest in the case but have made no arrests.

Investigators say Erik Chappell and his two sons were headed to football practice in Monroe when an explosion rocked Chappell's vehicle. They were hurt but will survive.

Dawkins says they got back the results of evidence analysis but they are not releasing what type of bomb or whether a timer was used.

A $10,000 reward is being offered in the case. If you have any information call: 1-800-ATFBOMB or 1-313-202-3400.

To listen to the 911 call from the victims click here.