Severely injured pit bull on road to recovery

The Lucas County Pit Crew


Lucas County Dog Warden

are working together to get a severely injured pit bull the treatment he needs.

The dog, now named Mr. Jenkins, was turned over the Dog Warden last week as a stray.

Those caring for him believe he may have sustained his injuries in a dog fight, but they still arenâ??t certain.

They believe he's only around a year old but say he will get a chance at living a long life.

Mr. Jenkins will, however, need surgery to amputate a severely damaged toe on his back right paw and to insert a skin graft into a wound on the back of his head.

"The initial plan is weâ??ll get a skin graft on his head and then weâ??ll probably take off a section of the back foot...definitely neuter him and microchip him at the same time," Jean Keating of the Lucas County Pit Crew said.

A fund has already been set up to collect donations for Mr. Jenkins treatments


Donations that will go towards his recovery are also being accepted through Cutieâ??s Fund.

The Lucas County Pit Crew is also accepting checks via mail at PO Box 351222 Toledo, OH 43635.