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      Sexual assault reported at off-campus Univ. of Toledo bar

      University of Toledo Police are investigating a reported off-campus sexual assault.

      University of Toledo Police are reminding students of what constitutes consent after a reported sexual assault at an off campus bar early Sunday morning.

      According to UT Police, a female reported a sexual assault had taken place in a restroom at Chasers Bar, 529 Dorr Street, late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. The incident was reported to police at 2 a.m. Sunday.

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      While police investigate the report, officials are urging students remember that most perpetrators of sexual assaults choose a victim they know. They also say sexual assault includes sexual activity with someone whose judgment is substantially impaired by alcohol or drugs, whether ingested voluntarily or unknowingly.

      If you are a victim of sexual assault or know someone who is, call authorities.