Shaun Enright appointed to Toledo City Council

Shaun Enright won appointment to the Toledo City Council on Tuesday afternoon. Enright assumes the seat left vacant by the resignation of Phil Copeland. Copeland resigned his city council seat last week in order to assume the office of Lucas County Recorder to which he won election in November. Five candidates contested the first round of voting. Sandy Spang who was nominated by Rob Ludeman, former mayor Jack Ford who was nominated by Mike Craig, Enright who was nominated by Adam Martinez, Matt Rubin who was nominated by Tom Waniewski and Constantin Stamos who was nominated by George Sarantou. No candidate received a majority of votes in the first round. Enright, Ford, Spang and Rubin went on to round 2 as Sarantou declined to re-nominate Stamos. As in the first round no candidate received 6 votes in round 2. The third and final round was contested by Spang, Ford and Enright as Waniewski declined to re-nominate Rubin. Sarantou provided the 6th vote for Enright giving him a majority. Ford got 2 votes in round three and Spang 3.

Enright was immediately sworn in and took his seat on the council. Enright made a brief speech thanking his family for their support and outlining some of his objectives. "I'll spend a great deal of my time attracting and facilitating commercial and industrial development which create jobs," Mr. Enright said.