Sheen brings 'Torpedo of Truth' to Detroit

Charlie Sheen

DETROIT - Charlie Sheen's kept an awfully high profile over the past month, yakking to TV interviewers, ranting on YouTube and tweeting on an hourly basis.

Now, he's coming to a city near you.

The 45-year-old unemployed actor's 20-city road show kicks off Saturday night in Detroit, where he's expected to - well, it's not exactly clear.

Few details have emerged about the concert's format.

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What is known is that it's called "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option," and, in a video posted to his website, Sheen asks people to "buy your ticket" and "take the ride" and warns that "if you're winning, I'll see you there" and "trolls need not apply."

Sheen's live show stops in Chicago on Sunday and runs through May 3.

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Christine writes -- sad.. people without jobs can barely make it these days and he goes on national tv and says he needs a raise? 2 mill a week is not enough?...Jen writes -- He's an idiot! I used to like him, but dude needs to get off his ego trip!

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