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      Shelter employee charged in Friday morning shooting

      TOLEDO - An employee of the St. Paul's Community Shelter has been charged with shooting a man outside the shelter. 27-year-old Houston Hart III was arrested by police without incident at 513 Adams Street. Hart was subsequently charged with felonious assault.Witnesses called police after hearing gunshots on 13th street in downtown Toledo around 9 a.m. When police arrived, they discovered Louis Barton on the ground. He had been shot three times. Barton was taken to Mercy St. Vincent's. He is expected to survive.

      Toledo Police Sgt. Joe Heffernen said witness statements led detectives to the location of the alleged gunman. "Thankfully we were able to apprehend the shooter fairly quickly; he is in custody right now," Sgt. Heffernen said. Mike Foley volunteers at St. Paul's Community Shelter. He says Hart is a popular employee. "He is the head cook, a real nice guy; he would have to be provoked to the max to do something violent lke this," Mr. Foley said.Hart III is due to be arraigned on Monday.