Sheriff warning Wood County residents after phone scam attempt

Phone scam alert in Wood County (

Wood County, Ohio (WNWO)-- When Crystal Tatkawski got a voicemail from the U.S. Marshall saying she had a warrant out for her arrest, she was extremely worried.

"They tried saying I had an outstanding warrant to come down and pay fines to get rid of it,” said Tatkawski.

That was until she called the actual U.S. Marshall And realized it was a scam.

"I even called the Lucas County Sheriff's office to come out and they said I had no warrants," said Tatkawski.

It might sound like a no brainer scheme, but Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn says these scammers can be pretty convincing.

Last week they had something similar happen.

"Someone received a phone call and on their caller Id and it had our emergency phone number on it so they assumed that it was our office calling ."

The caller said the resident had to post bond for an outstanding warrant and asked for gift card information as payment.

Luckily that sent up a red flag. The Sheriff says phone suspects are often difficult to track.

"They use spoof phone numbers and may end up being overseas.."

Before you think they're only coming after a set age group, like the elderly or college students, think again.

The Better Business Bureau says thieves can get crafty.

"We do see patterns around natural disasters, the holidays, and actually in the spring and the summer and the fall we do get a lot of calls about door to door activity, " said Kathy Birr, Director of Dispute Resolution at the BBB.

Law enforcement is reminding residents to stay alert, looking for warning signs like people demanding payments and calling for quick action.

"Never ever give out your personal information to anyone that contacts you..," said Sheriff Wasylyshyn.

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