Shop owners breath sigh of relief flood waters didn't reach businesses


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Blanchard River rose, there was a mix of good and bad for people, and in particular business owners were keeping an eye on things hoping their stores would be spared flood damage.

"Glad nothing happened," it's a feeling many people including new business owner Bill Davidson has after preparing for the worst.

Thursday night as the Blanchard River rose higher and higher, Davidson cleared his used furniture store.

"I brought stuff inside still preparing that it might flood, my landlord still said, keep it out, I brought enough in to I could get out in an hour if need to," says Davidson.



ere we prepared, most definitely for something that was going to do a little bit more severe than what actually happened



explains Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik.


hat actually happened was the river crested over 14 feet
Friday morning. Less than what was predicted. While it was less water than forecasters predicted, the river is still over the major flood stage and plenty of streets and parks remain under water.



e're still asking residents to please mind the barricades it's not ok to drive through flood water, you never know what's underneath it and the current could be stronger than what you anticipate

," says Mihalik.


avidson now works hard to bring all of his used furniture back into his store

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ut were predictions of high flood waters overblown?



t was, but
I rather have it overblown, than not be prepared," says Davidson.

Mayor Mihalik says once flood waters go down, the city will survey damage.