Shot-at dog, Sarge, bites caregivers at humane society

Lawrence Mick

A dog that survived being shot multiple times won't be put up for adoption by a humane society that says two employees have been bitten by the animal.

The Toledo Area Humane Society says it won't place Sarge in a private home because of the bites and the German shepherd's habit of snapping at people. But he could still go to a rescue group or animal sanctuary.

Police say the dog's owner, Lawrence Mick, and his friend, Adam Collins, had Sarge trapped in a cage on July 9 and took turns shooting at him. The animal was treated for six gunshot wounds.

The humane society says its dog trainer needed antibiotics for a deep bite to the hand on July 26. A veterinarian was bitten less seriously.

Mick has pleaded not guilty in the shooting. Collins pleaded no contest.