Shots ring out during television interview in central Toledo

While WNWO reporter Hubert Wiggins was interviewing a Central Toledo resident about the ongoing demolition of abandoned properties on Park Street, six gunshots rang out.

Around 11:30 a.m. Thursday, our camera was rolling as we talked to central Toledo resident Jerry Sexton about the demolition of abandoned homes on Park Street. The tear downs are being done this week by the city of Toledo.

Two minutes into the interview six gunshots were fired in rapid succession a half block away.

"And we have fireworks going off or shots being fired," Mr. Sexton said.

The bullets struck a house on the corner of East Park and Elm. One bullet shattered the glass of the front door. The owner of the home came outside to see what was going on and when he saw that his house had been sprayed by bullets he called police.

Several patrol cars and an unmarked vehicle arrived at the scene a few minutes after the shooting. No one was hurt.

Resident Amanda Schaffner says gunfire in the neighborhood is not uncommon. "It's scary, it's crazy, it's ridiculous," Ms. Schaffner said.

After the commotion surrounding the gunfire subsided, WNWO resumed its interviews with residents about the ongoing demolition of the abandoned houses on Park Street. On the one block of East Park Street between Elm and Chestnut there are 23 homes, nine of which are unoccupied. One house has been demolished and cleared this week and at least two more will get the wrecking ball in the next two weeks.