Should animal abusers have to register like sex offenders?

One Michigan lawmaker wants animals abusers to have a registry system.

Last year, a California man was forced to register as a sex offender for raping a Chihuahua. Now, a Detroit lawmaker hopes to introduce a separate registry system for Michigan animal abusers.

According to WEYI, Congressman Harvey Santana's proposed law would require people convicted of animal abuse to register, pay a $50 fee and notify authorities of address changes--much like the current sex offender registry.

View: Suffolk County Animal Abuser Registry

"Look at the serial killers that we've had in this country," the Detroit Free Press quoted Rep. Santana from a taping of "Off the Record" at WKAR-TV in East Lansing. "Haven't they all started off abusing animals?"

Michigan ACLU told the Free Press they thought the registry would be ineffective and costly.

Should people who abuse animals have to register just like sex offenders do? Weigh in below.