Should DTE build it? Public comment requested on Monroe nuclear proposal

Monroe County, MI is already home to Fermi 1 & 2 / Michael Melchiorre

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is asking for public input on a proposal to build a new nuclear unit at the Enrico Fermi Atomic Power Plant in Monroe County, Michigan.

On Thursday, NRC members were on hand at a meeting in Monroe to discuss the findings of their draft Environmental Impact Survey (EIS).

According to materials provided to WNWO, by the NRC in collaboration with the US Army Corp of Engineers, the draft EIS states that the NRC staff's preliminary recommendation to the commission "is to issue the combined licenses."

Three of the reasons include the following: Most of the environmental impacts would be expected to be small, none of the feasible alternative energy sources evaluated would be environmentally preferable [and] none of the alternative sites would be environmentally preferable to the Fermi site."

In addition to concerned citizens, looking for more information on the proposal, there were also people at the meeting that are already opposed to the project.

"We are concerned about all kinds of risks. The safety and security, the radioactive waste that's going to be generated here, Beyond Nuclear member Kevin Kamps said.

The NRC says they are now looking for public input as to what is missing from their EIS.

Scott Burnell of the NRC says they will take into account all the public comments in their final Environmental Impact Survey.

The public has until January 11th to submit comments on DTE's proposal.