Should school board president lose her job over Hitler Facebook post?

Board president Debe Terhar posted an anti-gun control photo to her Facebook page last weekend.

Social media has been a crucial platform for people to voice their opinions on the gun control debate, but did Ohio's state board of education president take her personal views too far?

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Debe Terhar posted a photo of Adolf Hitler on her Facebook page with an anti-gun control message that read: "Never forget what this tyrant said: 'To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.' â?? Adolf Hitler."

While Terhar told the paper she regrets the post and was not comparing President Barack Obama to Hitler, Ohio Democrats are now calling for her resignation.

"In the past, Governor Kasich has called for more civility in the political debate, and now he has a prime opportunity to back up his words with action," Ohio Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern said. "In the absence of a full, formal apology from Terhar, Kasich has a duty to remove his hand-picked State School Board President from office. Under no circumstances is it permissible for Governor Kasich to look the other way while members of his Administration use dangerous, inflammatory rhetoric and images to further their political ideology.â??

But Gov. John Kasich told the Dispatch he doesn't think she should lose her job over the post, saying that she had admitted her mistake and no further action was necessary.

"Schools are gun-free zones. If you have someone who is bent on causing harm, where are they going to go? To a place where there is little chance of resistance," Terhar told the Dispatch. "It comes down to protecting ourselves and protecting our kids."

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