Shutdown causes furloughs at 180th Fighter Wing

The partial shutdown of the federal government has had an instant impact for hundreds of people in Northwest Ohio. Around noon on Tuesday the 180th Fighter Wing of the Ohio Air National Guard was instructed to furlough 200 workers. "The personnel that were sent home today are federal technician employees, uniformed personnel who will not be able to return to work until the government shutdown is resolved," says Major Gary Bentley.

Most of those workers had already reported to work when the furlough order from the Pentagon was received. " I can't stress enough how stressful this situation is as these employees like most of us need a paycheck to pay their bills," Major Bentley said. Major Bentley says that the furloughs will not compromise the base's ability to defend the skies of Northwest Ohio if called upon to do so.

This partial government shutdown is the first since 1995 when a 21 day shutdown began on December 15, 1995 and lasted until January 6, 1996.