Silent Witness Project: Domestic Violence

Since 2002, the Silent Witness Project of Northwest Ohio has traveled throughout the region revealing silhouettes of women who have fallen victim to domestic violence. Monday night one mother saw her daughter's unveiled for the first time.

Some say deaths from domestic violence are an epidemic. In the last ten years, 50 women have fallen victim here in Northwest Ohio. Recently, it was 22-year-old Alicia Castillon. For the first time her Silent Witness silhouette was unveiled at First United Methodist Church in Bowling Green.

"I just had to be here for my daughter and for everyone else who was a victim to domestic violence," said Alicia's mother, Kathy Newlove.

Alicia Castillon's ex-boyfriend is accused of her murder. Each October Silent Witness holds this unveiling to remember women like Alicia during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

It's really to remember them and to remember their story and that they died violently by the hands of someone who they once loved," said Liddy Schnider of the BGSU Women's Center.

One after another, the tragic stories of these 50 women turned statistics into realities. One story recounted the victim being stabbed more than a dozen times|one woman strangled|another raped|some shot, even slashed to death.

According to Silent Witness, each year the number of domestic violence victims in Northwest Ohio grows|already ten this year.

It has to stop. And I think that's why it's important to get it out so everybody knows how much of this is really going on, said Newlove.

After her daughter TMs death, Kathy Newlove founded Alicia's Voice. It's a non-profit group that helps victims of domestic violence.

Names of the 50 victims represented:
  • Rhonda Anaya
  • Elizabeth Bartkavage
  • Rachel Baskey
  • Patricia Booher
  • Tammy Macrae Bowlin
  • Arletha Brown
  • Denise Butler-Joiner
  • Alicia Castillon
  • Carmen Chitman
  • Guadalupe Linda Costilla
  • Susan Cox
  • Lynette Craft
  • Kimberly Dantzer
  • Christina Deal
  • Michelle Descant
  • LuAnn Downard
  • Alisha Duncan
  • Claudia Fonseca
  • Laura Gaddy
  • Ericka Graham
  • Shynerra Grant
  • Cynthia Hale
  • Sonya Hayes
  • Susan Hichborn
  • Tina Hill-Garren
  • Crystal Hunt
  • Lisa Hurt
  • Brandy Hurtt
  • Cori Key
  • Dana Koberstein
  • Linsi Light
  • Wendy May
  • Mary Rose McCollum
  • Tonya McKinley
  • Michele Mielecki
  • Vivian Morris
  • Susan Ream
  • Laconne Rios
  • Lori Rivera
  • Michelle Rizzi
  • Tamika Rowland
  • Theresa Sahadi
  • Sandra Smith
  • Shantae Smith
  • Marilyn Soule
  • Amanda Steinbrecher
  • Mary Lou Stevenson
  • Debra Stout
  • Takia Watson
  • Stephanie Whitaker