Sin-Oh-Man bread and so much more

The Bread Bear is made with seven grain wheat bread. / Joe Galli

Sylvania's own Country Grains Bread Company is the place to go for healthy and delicious bread. They use all natural ingredients, make everything from scratch and are a whole wheat bakery, baking breads that are made with no oils, no fats and no preservatives.

Country Grains bakes an array of healthy loaves including their Seven Grain Wheat. One of their more popular items is the Bread Bear, which is as cute as any teddy bear paired with a homemade strawberry preserve for dipping. Their Challah bread, another favorite, is a sweet fluffy egg bread that company bakers say "makes the best french toast."

If you have a real sweet tooth, you'll want to try the Sin-Oh-Man loaf. They use cinnamon rolls that are chopped up, kneaded together, baked and then topped with pure maple syrup, real butter and brown sugar.

It TMs not just loaves of bread on the menu--they also feature different types of cookies, muffins and homemade sandwiches. They are located at 6808 Sylvania Avenue in Sylvania.

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