Sisters act to keep the faith in Ohio

The bus tour will cover 1,000 miles with events scheduled through Monday, October 16th.

Local Catholic sisters in Ohio have embarked on a statewide bus tour in a non-partisan effort to promote faith and social values in the midst of the 2012 election.

"We were getting kind of frustrated when we just kept hearing alot of negative campaigning," said Sister Monica McGloin. "As we get ready for a presidential election we need to be talking about values, what matters to people."

The sisters stopped in Toledo Friday to speak with tailgaters at Central Catholic High School prior to the football game against St. John's. The estimated eight sisters who are currently touring handed out promotional "Nuns on the Bus" stickers and talked with people about their campaign.

The nuns have spent time visiting health care centers and education centers, helping people who are vulnerable and in need.

Sister McGloin added, "We really wanted to look at who is really hurt if there are budget cuts, and it's people that are hurt and it's programs that are hurt."

The Nuns on the Bus tour will cover 1,000 miles throughout Ohio with events scheduled through Monday, October 16th. The tour began in Cincinnati on Tuesday and the sisters plan to board new travelers of faith along the way. The bus rolls in to Page Street at 10 a.m. Saturday morning as the nuns conclude their visit in Toledo at the Assumption Outreach Center.

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