Six arrested inside foreclosed Wood Co. home

Keith Sadler is seen here during his video arraignment, Friday, May 7, 2010.

At about 6:30 Friday morning a special response team from the Wood County Sheriff's Department took a battering ram to the door of Keith Sadler's foreclosed home and arrested the six squatters inside.

Since Sunday afternoon, Sadler and five others had been locked in the home despite an order of eviction after Sadler fell behind on his mortgage payments.

Protestors had been sitting outside the home calling for a moratorium on foreclosures but Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn says he had a job to do.

The Toledo Foreclosure League disagrees.

"The Sheriff responded in heavy force with guns drawn, riot gear, as if the peaceful people inside were going to do anything. They cut the power already--we got it turned back on--it's been a very heavy-handed response by the police," said Lance Crandall.

Sheriff Wasylyshyn says the removal went very well and while his officers had to cut the squatters apart from one another and lift them out of the home he says they did not resist arrest.

The six squatters were arraigned Friday afternoon on misdemeanor charges of trespassing and obstruction with strict orders not to return to the property.

"I'm proud of these kids, I really am. I think they've taken a stand for what they believe in. The middle class is being destroyed. These banks have been bailed out numerous times and they haven't given us any breaks," said John Kutsch, father of one of the arrested people.

The bank involved in the foreclosure, The State Bank and Trust Company says they regret anytime a foreclosure becomes necessary but that they take great pride in the fact they the bank did not receive any bailout money.