Six killed in Tiffin fire, five children, laid to rest

Services were held Thursday for four girls killed in a mobile home fire.

Family and friends of Anna Angel gathered at the First Lutheran Church in Tiffin on Thursday to say goodbye to Anna's four young daughters.

The girls died in a mobile home fire on Sunday, along with Anna's boyfriend, Timothy, and their son, Domonic Fresch. Services for the father and son were held in Sandusky.

Anna Angel followed behind the casket where all four of her daughters now rest, together.

"It [the casket] was designed so that all four of the girls would be together in it. Their feet are facing each other like they were sleeping in bed, because that's how they slept," said family spokesperson Keith Hodkinson. "They always slept together."

Some family members got up and shared their memories of the children during the service.

Christie Courtney, who helps run First Call for Help, has been helping Anna to get through these hard times. She said she is amazed by Anna's strength. "She is, quite honestly, the strongest woman I have ever met in my life," Courtney said.

After this tragedy, Anna and her family have seen support come from everywhere.

"We're getting calls from all over the world actually. I've fielded calls from the United Kingdom and other places. And everyone has heard about the $22,000 donation from [rappers] Drake and The Game," said Hodkinson.

After the church service, a long procession of cars accompanied the children to Greenlawn Cemetery in Tiffin. The grave is situated near other gravestones of children whose lives were over too soon.

Later, Anna left to attend the service for Timothy and Domonic in Sandusky.

Now, Anna will have to start the long and difficult road to recovery.

"It's a process," said Courtney. "She has to go through the grieving process. She has an amazing support system, and when she gets through the grieving process, it's just a matter of rebuilding."

Through this tragedy, in a small Ohio town, people from all over the world are offering support to Anna Angel, who has lost so much.