Sixth Annual Battle of the Badges hits the ice Saturday

The Huntington Center will be the site for this year's Battle of the Badges. The Walleye will take on the Indy Fuel after (WNWO).

It's that time of year again, the "Battle of the Badges" on ice between the Toledo Fire Department and Toledo Police Department is this Saturday.

Outside of the rink, TPD and TFD are raising money for their own.

"This year, a portion of the proceeds are going to go to TPD for one of their officers that was injured in the line of duty, and one of our firefighters, who has been battling long term illness, as well as Local 92 charities and the Toledo Police Athletic League."

TFD's Joe Linnenkugel is referencing TPD Officer Jason Picking. He was shot in face two weeks ago during a drug raid and is still recovering. The Toledo Walleye will hold a raffle for him as well.

TFD Lieutenant Darryl Murphy is currently battling leukemia, with some of the proceeds going toward his medical expenses, as well.

It will be the 6th annual battle between the two departments.

"Both teams kind of get up for this game. We really travel all around the country and play all year round in different tournaments, but this is kind of like our Stanley Cup. It's a great thing because it really brings a lot of people in the community and the crowds have been growing every year, so it lets us make a lot of money for actual charities to donate to those that are less fortunate," said Linnenkugel.

The day will feature a doubleheader. First, the Battle of the Badges at 3:30, followed by the Walleye taking on the Indy Fuel at 7:15.

The TPD has won all of the matchups, except for last year.

"When we're on the ice, it does tend to get a little bit heated and we start banging around and get a little chippy out there, but when we come off the ice, the locker rooms, the comradery is right back. We know we're putting a lot of money out towards the community in helping out those who actually need some financial assistance."

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