Sixth day of searching for missing toddler

T he sixth day of searching for 18 month old Elaina Steinfurth comes to end with no information, and the clock is ticking, "as time goes on, it gets harder the odds goes down," explains Toledo police sergeant Joe Heffernan.

F inding Elaina safe and sound is what her family and community members are praying and hoping for. The toddler went missing last Sunday. As we approach the weekend, the long wait gets even longer.

" O ur best chances of catching somebody or recovering somebody when something like this occurs is in the first several hours , " adds Heffernan. F or police the first 48 hours are key in finding a missing person. But on May 6th, an exception. Three teenage women feared dead after missing for nearly a decade re-emerged to the public. "As we've seen in Cleveland, it doesn't necessarily mean that this is not going to turn out to be a happy ending. It certainly can. I think a lot of or even most law enforcement wrote off those girls in Cleveland," says Heffernan.

O ptimism is what kept the families of the Cleveland kidnapping victims strong. that same optimism is what's keeping Elaina's family going to the next day, "we're trying to leave as much hope out there for the families as possible by searching everywhere we can humanly search," explains Heffernan.

T oledo police say their investigation along the river may continue this weekend. In the meantime they continue to ask people with information to call police or Crimestoppers.