Skelton boys age progression photo

November 26 marks two years since Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton went missing near Morenci, Michigan.

Their mother, Tanya Zuvers, still holds on to a hope that they will be found unharmed.

"I am a firm believer that my boys are still alive," says Tanya.

With more than 1,300 tips to date, Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks says the boys' father, John Russell Skelton, is still the prime suspect And that the investigation is still active

"We're certainly working toward a goal of locating the boys and ultimately charging him with murder and keeping him incarcerated," says Weeks.

John Skelton is serving 10-15 years in prison. He is charged with unlawful imprisonment for secretly confining a persons whereabouts, as it relates to his sons. Police say his story over the years has been inaccurate.

Weeks says, "We've been unable to confirm anything that he's told us. And in fact, much of what he has told us has been wrought with inconsistencies. Which lead us to believe, in addition to other facts that he, in fact, murdered the boys. And they were't really turned over to a secret organization like he mentioned."

Tanya says she struggles with the disappearance of her boys every day, as any mother would.


"Until we get that one tip that solves this case, then i have to accept that right now, I can't change," Says the boys' mother.

She says her wish is that the boys' father would tell someone what really happened in the early morning hours two years ago.

Tanya says, "He needs to man up. He owes that to his... my sons. I don't even consider them his sons. They're my sons."

"Oh i know he's wholly responsible," she states.