Skittles the cat needs a lift home

Skittles the cat will soon be on her way home to Reno.

Does anyone remember the movie Homeward Bound? Well, here is a real life story that's very similar, minus the voice of Sally Field.

Skittles is a 15-year old cat from Reno, Nevada. She and her family came to Pokagon State Park in Indiana in September. Skittles, being the expert hunter, was watching a bird and escaped out of her family's RV and got lost in the woods.

Her family looked endlessly for her but was unable to locate her, and had to head back to Reno without her.

The park rangers were notified of the situation, and after about six weeks of being lost in the woods, Skittles was found by a park ranger. She was taken to the Stueben County Humane Shelter and that's where a volunteer for Friends of Felinesâ?? Rescue Center in Defiance, Ohio found the lonely cat.

When Skittles arrived at Friends of Felinesâ?? Rescue Center she had lost over 2 pounds and was covered with fleas and ticks and was not ready to travel. She has been recuperating for the past week and is putting on weight. She will be ready to travel next week.

Workers at FFRC decided it would be best to fly her home. Many donations came in over the past week to help cover the airfare for Skittles and Jacci from their webcam viewers all over the world.

Next Thursday Skittles will be reunited with her family.