Slain soldier's father protests Whitney Houston flag-lowering

John Burri set New Jersey's state flag ablaze to protest lowering flags for Whitney Houston.

Outrage over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's decision to lower flags for Whitney Houston boiled over when a Michigan man burned the Garden State's flag in protest.

According to WOOD, 60-year-old John Burri set a New Jersey flag replica ablaze on his grill on Friday evening. Burri told the station that flags should only be lowered to honor those who gave their lives in service to the United States, not to musicians.

"She was a great singer. That's true and I won't deny that. But lowering the flag is for somebody that has given their life and service to their country," he said. "Our son was killed in Iraq June 7th of 2005. This just opened the wound again, hearing about this.".

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